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Welcome to Tunisair Virtual

Warm welcome to the website of the Tunis air - Virtual. We are a virtual effigy of the airline Tunisair. Tunisair-VA was founded in 2011 and is since then an organisation that whom Tunisian Airline Tunis air represents in the flight simulator. Besides we try to realise the air traffic so really as possible.

How to use Acars system

Posted by Youssef Khribi on 07/13/2015

Hello pilots,

In this post, I'll tell you how to use the Tunisair VA Acars system: 


First of all,

Install the acars. You can find it on Pilot center/Acars options

When the download is finished, open the installer, select your installation folder and you'll find a message below it: '' Install Tunisair VA for yourself, or for everyone who use this computer'' Click on ''Everyone''

You have to select ''Everyone'' or the acars won't work...

After installing, open Tunisair VA Acars which is located on your desktop:

Upside left, you'll find ''Info'' box, then settings. Click on it and type your Tunisair VA ID and your password, the URL Base and  browser URL are:


URL Base:

browser URL:

You have to select ''Search flight'' and ''Auto Chat Login''

For fuel display, you have to select kiloGrams (kgs)

Finally, you can save all the informations by clicking on the blue box.


To log in, you have to click on the box below ''Main controls''

If you want to begin your flight, Click on the box below ''Fscontrols'' then go to the leftside of the Acars, type your flight number and click on the box below ''Pirep controls''

When your flight is found, click on the play button in the Pirep controls section. Don't forget to be at gate with parking brakes set and engines closed before beggining your flight!


We should remind you that before installing Tunisair VA acars, you have to install FSUIPC, otherwise, the Acars won't work without this program!


Feel free to contact me on my mail if you have any questions:


Happy landings!

Airline Manager of Tunisair VA,

Youssef Khribi TAR0173                                                                                                                                                                            

Terms & Conditions

Posted by Nour Eliz on 07/07/2015

The non respect of these following rules can cause the suspension of your access to the company.
The pilot must be in possession of a simulation software, exp. (Flight Simulator 2004, FSX or X-Plane) 
The pilot must be over the age of 15
The pilot must fly twice every 30 days
The pilot must have a basic level of written and spoken English
We do require all pilots to obtain an account with IVAO network
Any applications submitted without IVAO ID will be rejected. To register please visit
Pilots must file a PIREP at least twice a month
Time Acceleration is NOT permitted
You may NOT save the flight and fly it at a different time
• Pilots must performe the return flight otherwise the PIREP will automatically be rejected
All pilots are required to file a PIREP at least twice a month
Any pilot that becomes inactive after 30 days will be removed without notice You may apply for « leave of Absence » after your first month of being active
You are entitled to a maximum of 2 leave of Absences every year
Each leave of Absences may not be longer than 60 days in length
  • It is strictly forbidden to use a different aircraft that the one chartered for the flight you will perform. Make sure you read carefully all the informations provided by the dispatcher
  • We recommend you to fly under Tunis Air livery. However, if there is no livery available, feel free to ask support in our forum
  • The flight will have to be performed on real-time, no time acceleration will be accepted. Departure time, as well as weather conditions 
  • You have to use the required fuel quantities on your flights! You can add maximum 4 tons of fuel. A flight with an incorrect fuel calculation will automatically be rejected